From standards that others call upgrades, to more than 35 years of exceptional communication, quality customer service and a true commitment to customizing the your home to fit your needs, lifestyle and budget, Joe Ziler, President of Kevco Builders, explains "The Kevco Difference" in this personal video message.


A Message from the President

Joe 2018 LowresFor more than 35 years, Kevco Builders has been making dreams a reality for Lake County, Florida home and business owners. As president, I've created a company-wide culture which focuses on measuring customer satisfaction as the gauge of our success.

With over 20 years of experience as an executive in the construction business I think about what my mentor told me at the time that I was just getting into the business. He said, "This is not a construction business this is a people business." He went on to tell me that you have to help others get what they want in order to be successful. Success will not always be measured in dollars but more so in the satisfaction of helping others. My career has been built around this principle.

Whether it is people you work for, or those that work for you, it is paramount in your success. The best days in life have nothing to do with money but have everything to do with people and the gratification of seeing their dreams realized.

Whether a new construction project or renovation, the Kevco team provides the quality and expertise that makes us the most honored and most referred Central Florida contracting company.

My personal goal to each and every customer, regardless of the size of the project, is to meet with them and thank them in person for their business.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.

Joe Ziler


Mission Statement

Exceeding expectations for our clients, employees and suppliers in providing creative designs, quality workmanship, and superior service.


Core Values

We want you, our client, to know that we care as much about your home or project as you do
We are committed to using every resource at our disposal to complete each project on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction
We will continue to build a company with integrity and reliability as the benchmark for all of our relationships that our clients, employees and suppliers can rely on


What to Expect

We use a four step process to take your project from start to finish. Our attention to Customer Service is the cornerstone of our existence and it holds the entire process together and brings the project to completion.

Customers generally have ideas of what improvements they would like their home or office to look like. The conceptualization process helps you turn those ideas into a working model on paper. Working together, we aim to discover the solutions that will best meet your needs and at your budget. Often, during this brainstorming process, suggestions are made that will enhance the project.

In this phase, we collaborate with the customer and our subcontractors to form a working schedule of project progress. We will set the proper expectations at this point so you’ll know how long a project will take and, in most cases, “Guarantee a Completion Date in Writing”.

Construction begins during this phase and you will begin to see your home or office transformed into the dream that was created during the conceptualization phase. Our  employees  work together with our trade partners to turn your home into all that it could be. We understand that remodeling can be a rather intrusive process and respect your privacy.

Customer Service
From start to finish - and even when we’re finished - our service is paramount. Our call backs are minimal and in most cases result in future projects. Perhaps the greatest proof of our commitment to customer service comes from the 65% of our jobs which are direct referrals from past customers.  Time and time again we’re told the reason is because we are “the Custom Homebuilder that cares.”