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Under the direction of president, Joe Ziler (pictured), we created our Lake County construction company with the intent of being "a people business," not a construction business. For 40 years, Kevco Builders has grown to become the area’s most award-winning and trusted residential and commercial contractor because we measure our success not in dollars but in the satisfaction of the people we do business with.

We use a four step process to take your project from start to finish. We begin by conceptualizing the project with you to create a working model on paper. Then we coordinate with you and our subcontractors to set proper expectations and, in most cases, guarantee a completion date in writing.

Once construction is underway, you will begin to see your home transformed into your conceptualized dream. Our attention to Customer Service is the cornerstone of our existence and it holds the entire process together and brings the project to completion.

It is why many of our jobs come from referrals.